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(( A VERY SPECIAL Outro! ))
- Given You're Interested And Have Actually Read This Far! XD -

Hey everybody! =D
How are you doing?

Finally releasing this! Dr. Tiger M. Gales' Kaleido Star Dissertaiton!
Let me say first off that I AM NOT AN ACTUAL REGISTERED DOCTOR!

"Dr. Tiger M. Gales" (aka Doctor Kaleido Star!)
is simply like my way of like saying,
"What's up Doc" to a person (like Bugs Bunny =3) or "Dr. Dre" --

Dr. Dre being to this day someone I recognize as great influence on why
I decided on DJing music, creating original tracks, and "making beats"
and why it became important to me! -- later
came my "Prime Mentor" Fatboy Slim! =)

Just Music wouldn't do as a contribution to my now Favorite anime
of all time! So I wrote! A lot A lot A lot! One thing I like is that
Without being excessively sexual or violent (like some anime), Kaleido
anime covers just about EVERY outlet of the Entertainment Industry!

This is but one reason I like it =)
[Read the introduction and full 55 portions of my Kaleido Star Dissertation
to learn the other reasons I honestly absolutely love this series! =)]

"Dissertation" simply means "Thesis" or "Theory."
In otherwords this is simply my own understanding of what I
personally see speaking for me and only for me -- in having seen
the anime "Kaleido Star" in 2010! (initially saw in 2009!
Wrote this Dissertation as kind of an "Episode by Episode"
Review after viewing the series in its entirety a year later!)
Completed it and didn't publish it until now!
Why now?

Kaleido Star is an anime about Love Compassion, Challenge,
persistence, passion, overcoming difficult times and obstacles.

Proudly Born and raised in Albany, Georgia, North America -- U.S.A. --
Today is a day that for many -- embodies all of those things.
My Major! Love [Purpose], Peace, Happiness & Success!

I found ALL in this amazing anime and wanted to share! Wouldn't pass
If I were to submit this to a conventional college (DUH!) So I Simply
just went with my heart and like Nike decided to "Just Do It!" heh. =)

Written over a 4 month period between January and May 2011... This is!
Dr. Tiger M. Gales' Kaleido Star Disseration!
Part 0 of 55!

Enjoy! ^_^

-Forever In Love,
-Tiger M. Gales [Tuesday]
-September 11th, 2012 (North America, Eastern Standard Time, 4:14 AM)

This Is TIGER M! :spotlight-left: :omfg: :spotlight-right:


- An Introduction To The Introduction! XYZ ( ( Timeline ! ! ! ) ) Memo! -

Alright! Keep in mind that the time that I am releasing this and the time that I wrote this differ DRASTICALLY.
So time tags were kept as I wrote! =3

Pay attention and no this is not a machine or various people writing this -- it's just me. =)
WAM! DJ, TIGER M! ^_~* aka Tiger M. Gales =)

I simply work in a non-linear fashion.
Indeed it so seems is my life.

WELP! Here we go with the introduction!

The image I utilize in the intro may be found here:
-… -

Peace & Love Everybody! =D
Don't ever forget today...
Love instead. :heart:

Forever In Love With All That Which Exists
(That Which Is Seen & Unseen, Known & Unknown),
-Tiger M. Gales aka WAM! DJ, TIGER M! ^_~* [Monday]
-8:37 AM (9/11/2012) [Eastern Daylight Time, U.S.A.]

This Is TIGER M! :spotlight-left: :omfg: :spotlight-right:

ENJOY! ^_^

"Dr." Tiger M. Gales
Kaleido Star Dissertation - Fool's Journey ^_^
(Introduction =)

Began: 1:51 AM
by: Tiger M. Gales [duh =3]
For: "Doctorate In Kaleido Star Anime" and Official Dub of "Dr. Kaleido Star" for TMG ^_^

What's Happening Right Now!

WOW! =D I feel GREAT! ^_^
Why? Because just before I began typing this dissertation introduction the song "Forever Waiting" was playing on Chillout Dreams here which is a Di.FM Channel. =3 And just now while I was typing and taking a screenshot [Screenshot #96 of my Kaleido Stage Craze Album Memoir =)] the song "Love Until It Hurts" was playing! Awesome!

Just to be completely clear, I do not take drugs, I do not smoke anything [cigarettes included] and nor do I drink. So each thing that I do [including deciding upon this dissertation for my "Doctorate" in the anime "Kaleido Star" lol =3] is all of my own free will and I am not being coercion nor forced of any way to take this direction. It is of my very own passion, love, desire and FREE WILL to take this as a circumstance and Point-In-Time which shall make up a very small but indeed largely important portion of the "Body of My Life."

And to "dispell" any rumors before they even begin... I do not consider myself to be affiliated with any of the current day religions nor scientific affiliates--I am simply just myself that is "me" or "I" and do not desire any label besides that which is my name: "Tiger M. Gales."

After completing this dissertation I do indeed wish to be known as "Dr. Tiger M. Gales" [I am laughing now =3] or alternatively, "Dr. Kaleido Star." ^_^

Why the name "Dr. Kaleido Star?" Well... not because I wish to be a Kaleido Star but simply because I honestly am very passionate about an anime that for the first time out of truly over-half-a-thousand-anime I am certain I've viewed throughout my lifetime--has an anime brought into perspective the "Body-of-My-Life" and for me and speaking only for me. That is to say... the personalities and the character "types" which I personally experienced while viewing Kaleido Star truly "spoke to me" in a way that I was able to easily relate. My objective with this dissertation is not to attempt and "force my views" on anyone but simply to share my own views.

And when I say "over-half-a-thousand-anime" I am meaning series in full and ones I've simply only viewed a single episode or read of online over the internet of given Japanese Animated Series--and Japanese Anime Series alone.  That number does not take into account animation which was viewed such as the U.S. animations like "SWAT Cats," "Dark Wing Duck," "Tail Spin," "Alice In Wonderland," "The Lion King," as well as series such as "X-Men" and "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" which we used to catch each morning/Saturday on U.S.A. and Fox Kids while I was growing up =3

However, a RESOUNDING YES in that equation which would certainly include series like "David The Gnome," "The Kolas,"  "Maya The Bee," "G-Force," "Sailor Moon" and Voltron!

Now enough rambling! Let's get to the MEAT of what this all-in-fun Dissertation is ALL ABOUT! =3

And one final Disclaimer. Yes. I believe in God.
I simply call myself "Eclectic."
[Which I truly believe in my heart everyone is.]

I simply take my personal beliefs and understandings and stick with what works best for me. =3

I do not share the conventional view of the major religions, but I do honestly believe that an "All In Everything" does exist and I simply call this "Body of All That Is" "Our Author."

Other names may include "Our Creator," "Our Director & Producer," "Our God" [yes the "G" Word O.O *shudders*], "Our Supreme Ultimate" and so on.

However... I do not have anything against anyone for any belief which works for them. ^_^
*Digs into bowl of Thin Wheat Spaghetti, Chicken, Egg Noodles, Capers, Ketchup, Powdered Cheese, Tofu & Tuna!*

Now... "STARTO!!" ^_^


Forever In Love With All That Which Exists
(That Which Is Seen & Unseen, Known & Unknown),
-Tiger M. Gales [Monday]
-2:22 AM (1/24/2011) [Eastern Daylight Time, U.S.A.]

A Lil' About Me'h =3
(Is This Guy REALLY Qualified To Be A Doctor!? O.o)

I don't know. You tell me. ^_^

When asked what my major is, I simply let all who ask know my major is


But if you want the more formal answer... *yawns*

Since the age of 18 [technically 17], I have been "qualified" academically to be accepted into four different colleges and to this date I have completed over 100 credit hours in over 6 "Formally Educational" subjects and to this date not a single one of them have captured my attention like the anime Kaleido Star! ^_^

My current GPA dances just over a 3.3 as of this writing and  at one time 3.7 was my braggalicious bragging right. But to be honest... I really didn't ever even think about it--I simply just did what felt right at the time and that was the result.

I was home-schooled [yup! =D THAT'S what's wrong with me ^_^] and since "The Leadership Academy, Inc." did not have a formal graduation program, I am the proud holder of a...dun, dun, duuuuun... G.E.D.! *Plays "OH NO!!!" Sound effect!* =D


"The Leadership Academy, Inc." was the legal name for my parents' home-school and facilities that followed. Looong story by the way! =3 Long-story-short is that there was a point where my brothers and sister--a total of 7 of us--9 including mom and dad =3--at one point had "fellow students" and "classmates" for a brief time. [who we do still know to this day =3]

Now one may hop to the conclusion like a horn-bunny or jizzing-jackrabbit [WARNING! I was "Furry" once =3] that with having covered over 6 subjects and going to 4 colleges without any kind of proof besides class credits to show and certainly NO OFFICIAL DOCTORATE!! =O
...That the word "drifting" or "uncertainty" of direction in life may come up when thinking, "Tiger M. Gales." WRONG ANSWER! =D

Despite what public opinion may eventually lead itself to follow, I honestly have felt completely comfortable everywhere I have been in life [not to mention NOT been in life as of this writing =3]. I am most comfortable as a "Performer," "Writer" and "Musician. And have been for so as long as I can remember.

The "Body of My Life" should kind of speak for itself!
If not, then perhaps some people are best left naive to questions such as
"What does a hard penis mean daddy? =O"  or "Mommy... why does a Vagina get soft? o.O"

Seriously though =) I am completely satisfied with my life and realize more and more each day just how grateful I am for each of the experiences which have come into it. Because if anything... I consider myself an "Eternal Student" of the forever lessons which we are fed.

Feel free to do a "Background Check" in order to further confirm the following statements, but I assure you I've no reason to pull legs and arms and skirts and trousers in an attempt to be more than I truly am:

1) Major 1: Undecided
2) Major 2: Foreign Languages Specialist (Emphasis: Japanese, French, Spanish)
3) Major 3: General Psychology
4) Major 4: Performing Arts (Half a Semester ^_^)
5) Major 5: Entrepreneurship
6) Major 6: Marketing Management
7) Major 7: Management & Supervisor Redevelopment
8) Major 8: Computer Science - Computer Information Systems
9) Major 9: Fire Science - Fire Investigation & Prevention
Add to that a good deal of "health information" and "For Dummies Books" and you've got a couple of "Formal Doctorate"s had this been a decision -- but it wasn't. ^_^ Simple as that. =3

But Enough of the boring-yap-yap that has me wanna slack-slack...

Let's Get DOWN to WHAT this Dissertation will cover! =D


Forever In Love With All That Which Exists
(That Which Is Seen & Unseen, Known & Unknown),
-Tiger M. Gales [Monday]
-3:04 AM (1/24/2011) [Eastern Daylight Time, U.S.A.]

Foolish Definitions - Love In Lessons ^_^
(Systems of Understanding)

Simply put, I've had some fine mentors in my life. ^_^

Two HIGHLY influential systems of "Personality Understanding" that tend to work for me [because they seem to work so well for others beyond myself] are the "Myers-Briggs" Career Test [I'm INTP in-case you're wondering ^_^] and what I like to call the LBOG Test [Lion, Beaver, Otter, Golden Retriever Test] which I actually learned from this awesome program which I watched in a week and returned before the 30 Day trial was up [didn't have $500's at the time o.o] called "Master Strategies of Super Achievers!" =)

There are also several other "personality tests" and "personal experiences" which shall be attached to characters in the Kaleido Star anime which I personally see. But those two are the main two that I will use as a ref since they're so fun and awesome and cool to use. =)

Another series of things I may cover are phrases such as "High Anxiety" and "Obsessive Compulsive" and "Post Traumatic Stress" [something which my father explained dealing with years after surviving Vietnam in vivid-almost-scary-detail o.o] and so forth.

Of course the very important human themes of "Love," "Joy," "Contentment" and "Friendship"  as well as "Jealousy," "Uncertainty," "Self-Challenge" and "Self-Discovery" will also be themes covered in my episode-by-episode Kaleido Star Dissertation. =3

A great deal of "platonic romance" and "sexual curiosity" [although more subtle than your typical anime--which is one reason why I LOVE this AMAZING anime called Kaleido Star! =)] are also consistent themes in this Dissertation as well--so be advised! >=O [or simply just be turned off or on by this fact =p =3]

With all of this said, Dissertation for Kaleido Star is NOW OFFICIALLY IN SESSION! >=O Tiger M. Gales soon-to-be-also-known-as-Dr.-Kaleido-Star... shall start from EPISODE ONE


Forever In Love With All That Which Exists
(That Which Is Seen & Unseen, Known & Unknown),
-Tiger M. Gales [Monday]
-3:24 AM (1/24/2011) [Eastern Daylight Time, U.S.A.]

<TIGER M AMVs Image>…

Keep in mind the time I decided to release this and the time that it was written differss. =)
Why I tag my times!

Stay awesome and condolences of affected families of The September 11th Attacks 11 years back --
You've my salutes well-wishes and prayers =)

Hopefully this morning will start a future of true love, honesty, chivalry, and passion =)

Those lost will not be forgotten.

Forever In Love With All That Which Exists
(That Which Is Seen & Unseen, Known & Unknown),
-Tiger M. Gales aka WAM! DJ, TIGER M! ^_~* [Monday]
-8:31 AM (9/11/2012) [Eastern Daylight Time, U.S.A.]

This Is TIGER M! :spotlight-left: :omfg: :spotlight-right:


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Forever In Love With All That Which Exists
(That Which Is Seen & Unseen, Known & Unknown)
-DJ, TIGER M [Wednesday]
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